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When Never Comes Again

In the summer of 1982, in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, twenty-four year old flight attendant, Pamela Barnett Hogan, thinks that life is as good as it gets. Then, the unthinkable happens... a devastating tragedy strikes – she witnesses her brother’s murder and barely escapes with her own life. In that very instant... Pamela’s world is transformed into a spiraling web of heartbreak, suspicion, and betrayal. As Pamela learns more about her brother’s cold-blooded murderer...her vivid, reoccurring nightmares intensify. Adding insult to injury, her husband, Ryan Hogan, confesses to an adulterous affair with a younger woman. Never one to give up, Pamela continues to endure each and every low blow that life throws her way. But when her child is kidnapped – she must somehow find the strength to get through. When love finally manages to find its way back into her heart, Pamela begins to feel as if her life is on-track again. However, fate has yet another unbelievable ordeal for Pamela Hogan– an ordeal that forces her to reveal her secret guilt and to face her deepest fear.


WHEN NEVER COMES AGAIN takes the reader on a riveting journey of pulse-pounding suspense and unexpected, sexy romance. Filled with jaw-dropping, page-turning drama that makes you cry and makes you laugh, there is never a dull moment. When Never Comes Again will entertain, intrigue and seize the hearts of women’s fiction readers everywhere, regardless of the reader’s sub-genre preference.

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10 Reasons NOT To Kill Your Teenage Daughter

A fun, refreshing, and yet sometimes...semi-dark eNovelette about the tendency of teenage girls to drive their parents mad. 10 Reasons NOT To Kill Your Teenage Daughter consists of ....ten micro-mini stories told with a comedic twist. The stories reveal the craziest, most ridiculous things that teenage girls do. The sheer stupidity of teenage antics, evokes anger and yes... even thoughts of murder... in the minds of even the most sensible parents or guardians.

10 Reasons NOT To Kill Your Teenage Daughter provides a layman’s insight into the mystical psyche of teenagers and proves to be an extremely valuable guide for maintaining a parent’s sanity.


10 Reasons NOT To Kill Your Teenage Daughter. COMING SOON!

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The Gray Shoe Killer

Crowned the youngest homicide detective in Atlanta Police Department history, Aeyola Janie Quarrels, is not only smart, ambitious and beautiful... she’s mad as hell! A serial killer with a strange, morbid fetish has been terrorizing mid-town ATL for almost five years and Aeyola’s no closer to catching the unsub than she was after the initial kill. A single fiber was found at the first crime scene, but no physical evidence since. Aeyola is certain that the single gray fiber holds the key to identifying the murderer. With the Chief of Police breathing down her neck and no leads to speak of... the bold and unyielding Aeyola resorts to some very unconventional ways to lure the killer. Her choice of methods is much to the chagrin of her super sexy and overprotecting Latino lover.

Meanwhile, Aeyola must also deal with personal business that involves her parent’s estate and her inheritance. A trip to her small hometown raises personal questions that she just can’t handle. What she learns in Texas opens up the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

Upon her return to Atlanta, bizarre and very peculiar occurrences begin, causing Aeyola to rethink and question everything she does and knows. However, by questioning the very things that she believes to be true, Aeyola uncovers startling but critical evidence... evidence that links not only to the murder case but links to her. 

Don't miss The Gray Shoe Killer … A future release!

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